Family Succession Plan

Establishing family protocol, corporate and family succession, as well as built to suit trust structures, ensuring the correct and strict fulfillment of the succession plan with the best decision making process to accomplish the best interests, sustainability and transcendence of the family wealth for the next generations, all of this with the support of the experienced team of FOM Partners in the areas of Negotiation, Strategic Family Wealth Planning, and solving family conflicts.

Family Counsel

Helping to establish on its first stage the Family institutionalization, through a family board along with independent board members that know and understand the family philosophy and interests related to the whole portfolio of companies and related wealth also managing the best relationship between the family members.

Company Board

Helping to integrate the board when the timing is right following the best practices of corporate governance and according to the size of the company and age of the successors, this way the objectives and rules are set to institutionalize the company, with a team of independent professional counsel that can add value to the family business.